Welcome to Essential Beginnings

Welcome to Essential Beginnings Learning Center!

I'm Lisa Frazier, the owner and director of Essential Beginnings Learning Center. My approach to teaching early childhood corresponds to my passion for teaching and developing young minds. At Essential Beginnings I embrace the differentiation approach to teaching, which ensures that all children, regardless of their ability, can and will learn the content.


All of our students are exposed to the same information and material. However, the instructional strategy varies based on each child's learning ability. Children learn differently, and this approach will attract the visual, kinesthetic, and auditory learner. I love this method because it engages each child and I can impart knowledge based on what each child needs. Children are eager to learn, and are extremely curious at all ages once the teaching style peeks their interest.

Our newly renovated facility is now open to serve Hainesport, Mount Laurel, Mount Holly, Westampton and all of Burlington County. Please call us at 609.667.7838 to schedule a tour.

Our New Classrooms!